About us

Who we are

Many real estate companies will line up to list your property, but only one is going to get it sold for top-dollar – Elite Connect Real Estate! Through our trademarked Centralized Organic Bidding System we have not only created record sales volume but have been selling homes for above market value at a record sales price all over Brooklyn!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to upgrade the lives of our clients by fostering unique, inspiring experiences of a lifetime in real estate and beyond. By tapping into elements of lifestyle and aspiration that elude our conventional counterparts, Elite Connect’s dedicated Upgrade Specialists are prepared to upgrade your life.

Vision Statement

Elite Connect does not simply help people buy and sell houses. Our vision, powered by pure tenacity, perseverance and drive, is to create an experience of a lifetime for the clients we assist. By facilitating elegant an indulgent experiences, Elite Connect’s knowledgeable team has upgraded the lives of hundreds. We seek to continuously guide our clientele toward elevated, triumphant lifestyles.

Surround yourself with positive people and
you’ll be a positive person

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Our Story

In the fall of 2012, just days after Hurricane Sandy, out of the devastation and destruction of this record-setting storm, reaching out of the rubble, arose an idea from a musty basement in Sheepshead Bay that has blossomed into the fastest growing real estate company in all of Brooklyn.Starting with the most unique concept to hit the real estate industry in decades, the Elite Connect began as a lead generation company from the basement of a house devastated in the hurricane.


From these modest beginnings, in a location that was still flooded from the hurricane, the concept to utilize the proven, age-old tradition of the cold-call to successfully reach out directly to homeowners wishing to sell their home, and pitch them on taking an appointment with an Elite Connect agent began. Convincing the homeowner that an Elite Connect agent was the best choice for getting their home sold.

Witnessing this staggering success in all major markets across the country, the co-founder’s asked themselves this simple question, “With all of the success we are bringing to broker/owners and agents across the country, why not start our own real estate company and reap these rewards for ourselves?” and so with the advent of 2015, Elite Connect Real Estate was born and has grown to become the fastest growing real estate company in Brooklyn.


Our Philosophy

These three pillars of Elite Connect real estate function like an equilateral triangle, where each side is
as important to the other in holding the structure together; each pillar holds equal importance to us.

Master’s of Communication

precision with words and interactions Master’s of Negotiation

Master’s of Negotiation

strength with confidence and assertiveness

Master’s of Innovation

focus with social media and networking