Elite Connect Real Estate is the fastest growing real estate company in Brooklyn.

Our unique approach to the real estate business focuses on working as a team to come up with the ideal solutions for our clients.

Whether you are looking to sell, buy, rent, or just looking for some guidance from experienced professionals, we are here to help you every step of the way!

Elite Connect’s mission is to bring value to the real estate consumer with streamlined excellence; highly skilled agents, equally dedicated management, finely tuned and focused on our core philosophy.

Master’s of Communication – precision with words and interactions.

Master’s of Negotiation – strength with confidence and assertiveness.

Master’s of Innovation – focus with social media and networking.

These three pillars of Elite Connect real estate function like an equilateral triangle, where each side is as important to the other in holding the structure together; each pillar holds equal importance to us.

In the fall of 2012, just days after Hurricane Sandy, out of the devastation and destruction of this record-setting storm, reaching out of the rubble, arose an idea from a musty basement in Sheepshead Bay that has blossomed into the fastest growing real estate company in all of Brooklyn.Starting with the most unique concept to hit the real estate industry in decades, the Elite Connect began as a lead generation company from the basement of a house devastated in the hurricane. From these modest beginnings, in a location that was still flooded from the hurricane, the concept to utilize the proven, age-old tradition of the cold-call to successfully reach out directly to homeowners wishing to sell their home, and pitch them on taking an appointment with an Elite Connect agent began. Convincing the homeowner that an Elite Connect agent was the best choice for getting their home sold, it generated a unique format to increase agent production by increasing their volume of listing appointments!Not long after this, after countless discussions with broker owners across the nation in which the major complaint was their inability to effectively recruit and retain quality, top-producing agents, thereby negatively affecting their bottom-line, the Elite Connect used the same energy, excitement to expand their services into the recruiting power-house that it is today.

Witnessing this staggering success in all major markets across the country, the co-founder’s asked themselves this simple question, “With all of the success we are bringing to broker/owners and agents across the country, why not start our own real estate company and reap these rewards for ourselves?” and so with the advent of 2015, Elite Connect Real Estate was born and has grown to become the fastest growing real estate company in Brooklyn.

The future for Elite Connect is just as exciting and dynamic as it’s past as it strives to expand its network to involve the mortgage banking industry. Partner Michael Titiyevsky has long seen the value of tapping into this lucrative stream alongside the real estate piece having been a mortgage banker along with a real estate broker. Having mortgage services available “in-house” has always been a part of the larger picture expanding into a full-service agency.

Elite Connect has plans to grow the mortgage department in the same way it has with real estate agents, employing the energy and tenacity with regards to expansion and recruitment for the mortgage business, creating volume and excitement. As with any numbers game, partnering with Elite Connect Real Estate will mean an increase in business simply with the sheer volume of transactions involved.


“Surround yourself with positive people and you’ll be a positive person.”

– Kellie Pickler


Come Connect With Us!

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”

– William Butler Yeats


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